It’s been crazy…

The past months have been so busy. I thought I was going to have way more time to write, but I guess it’s also a good thing. I absolutely love class and my classmates are great. My teacher is the best and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. He’s so kind and sweet and if you don’t understand he wont move on until everyone understands. Him and I go back and forth during class making jokes. I think it’s funny I’m the only female in class, but I guess I better get used to it since the Criminal Justice field is male dominated. I had a weird experience with the new guy in class, I say the new guy because for the past few months it’s been all the same group of guys and me. He kept starting at me throughout class and it was making me sort of uncomfortable, but I didn’t say anything. Well he kept telling me how much he liked me and he knows I have a boyfriends so that made me even more uncomfortable that he wouldn’t back off with that knowledge already. I tried to let him down easy saying he was sweet and I was flattered, but I wasn’t interested and he wouldn’t take that as an answer and even crossed the line by saying to “forget my boyfriend” which only fueled me from being irritated to actual anger. I told him to stop and then just ignored him. As I went to leave class I realized he was the only one waiting for the elevator so I went to the bathroom to avoid any conflict, because if you know me you know I hate conflicts if it can be avoided. So when I came out I was alone and I figured he was about 5 minutes ahead of me that he was probably in his car leaving by the time I got to the 1st floor. He was standing outside the front door, it looked like he was waiting for me, but there was a couple guys from class outside talking so the guy just walked ahead of me and I got in my car and locked the door. He was pretty mad about being rejected and that’s what made me nervous. I don’t think he would have tried to hurt me or anything, I just don’t want to be put in an uncomfortable position so I ended up asking one of the guys in my class who’s an ex marine to talk me out at night after class since we get out of class at 10 pm and I explained why I wanted to be walked out and he said of course. He doesn’t like the new guy anyways and I think because of how aggressive he was it made him not like him even more. Fortunately, the new guy left early yesterday so I didn’t have to be walked out.  I didn’t tell Dylan because I don’t want to give him any reason to worry about me because he’s stressed enough and I don’t want to add to that stress.

On another note, I applied to a job in Jacksonville as a 911 dispatcher and if I get that job then I’ll be moving sometime in January/February and I asked my teacher and a couple of the guys from class if I needed help could they help carry stuff and put stuff together and they said they would as long as they were free. Could you imagine little 5’1″ and my dad carrying a sectional possibly upstairs and inside? That sounds like more of a job for the ex marine, my teacher, and my dad kind of job. They even said they’d help me put the stuff together like my kitchen table, dresser, bed, etc together. Minus that new kid, everyone in my class is really cool and we’ve all been in the same class for like 3 months now. We all get along really well together and like I said my teacher is the best.

Dylan’s doing better. He’s finally getting used to his schedule so he’s not as grouchy all the time, but he has his moments still. I don’t think he realizes hes being grouchy/boarder line mean until I say something about him being in a bad mood and then he’ll apologize and tell me that it’s not my fault then he usually is more careful of what he says/does towards me. He had said to me that he doesn’t mean to take it out on me it’s just I’m the one person he’s continuously talking to and so it just comes out and he doesn’t mean to. This is honestly teaching me patience. I wish I could say our relationship has been a walk in the park since he left, but I’d be lying. We’re a couple and like every couple we have our fights, but since he’s been gone it’s more him being grouchy and then I get upset because I felt like I did something wrong and then after a little discussion he admits he’s stressed and that it’s not me. I just wish he’d tell me he’s not in the best mood and to not take it personally from the beginning, but it has gotten better. Between school and work I’m ridiculously busy, so it’s going fast. We’re a few days shy of halfway done! It could be more than halfway done or less since we don’t know when he’s coming home, I hope it’s more than halfway done!

Dylan and I always want to get a puppy together and we’re thinking about getting a Dachshund puppy. I was looking at pictures the day we were talking about it and of course I cried the whole time for some reason haha. So I guess that’s  the update on my life! Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while, every month we have research papers to write and presentations to go along with it, not to mention all the class work. I love it though, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world I’m so glad I found what I absolutely love and is truly my passion.

Hopefully, I’ll write more soon! Thank you guys! 🙂


5 More to Go.

So, I’ve been absolutely terrible at keeping my blog updated because I’ve been crazy busy, so for those who want an update here it is and thank you for being patient. 🙂

So the past 2 (ish) months have been…crazy to say the least and I don’t even know where to start. When he left in September I was so emotionally drained because I felt like I cried for a week straight because my other half left and there was nothing I could have done about it. I felt so alone because I don’t really have friends who’s significant other is in the military or deployed so I felt like, as amazing and great my friends are and have been, I felt like they didn’t understand and they’d say things like “it’ll be over soon, he’ll be back.” I know he’ll be back and 7 months is still 7 months regardless, but I know they mean well. Although, it has gotten easier especially once class started back up again and I’ve been making an effort to hang out with friends and that’s made things easier. It feels like he left just yesterday, but it also feels like he’s been gone for an eternity.

His mom has been such a blessing. Not everyone can say they love they get along with their significant others (SO) parents, but she keeps in touch and checks on me to make sure I’m doing okay and I do the same. She could have never given me her phone number and the second he left she could have never spoken to me again. I’m so lucky, I’ve heard some of the horror stories from some of my friends and their SO’s parents. To say thank you I sent his mom a mini care package of her own and inside there’s this really cool shot glass made out of the top of a beer bottle (it’s pretty cool actually), I put in my favorite candle because it smells amazing and Dylan’s told me she likes candles, I got her this cute little necklace with a cross on it, a cute little thing from Hobby Lobby that says “bless your heart”, and my favorite thing that I sent her is this key chain/wristlet that says Dylan’s last name with the NWU material (I’ll post a picture). I got one for myself too and that’s what made me get her one and make her a little care package because I’m so thankful to have her because when I feel the worst she’ll remind me how much he loves me and cares about me and is just super stressed and hearing that from her just makes me feel 100x better so it’s the least I could do to say thank you.

So class has been great and a great kick off to starting my criminal justice courses. I finished this class with an 87.8% and I’m pretty content with that because these classes are no joke and I love it. Although, I’m already getting used to being in a male dominated field because I’m literally the only girl in a class, but I don’t mind because that’s how it’s going to be when I actually get into my career. My Professor is pretty cool and is a great teacher. We missed pretty much a whole week due to the hurricane from the 4 week class so we had a lot to fit in so that’s another reason why I’m happy with my grade because it was a lot of information, but I can already tell I’m going to love this career. My first class was Introduction to Juvenile Procedure and my next class that starts Monday is Criminal Investigation and I am sooo excited you have no idea.

Everything has been flying by, which makes this deployment go faster, we’re already about 22% done with it, but it’s an estimate because it’s too soon to know his home coming date, but I can’t wait to see him again, I miss him so much. We’ve had out bumps in the road because this isn’t easy by any means, but if it means being with the person who makes me happy then I can’t really complain because I he’s who I want and if this is the worst thing we have to go through then I’m okay with that. We’re like any couple we bicker and we don’t always agree, not to mention we’re both stressed for different reasons. He’s working all the time, rarely has days off and is just tired. Me, I’m working full time and going to school at night and trying to be a good friend and have a good sleep schedule and try to eat healthy and lose weight. It’s just a lot on both of us not to mention my stress and worry about my sailor on top of that. I know he’s stressed like crazy so I’ve been trying not to stress him out more with my stress so it’s just a lot of stress all around. By no means am I complaining because I love school, I’m just tired more than than I’m not.

I can’t wait until he’s home, I miss him like crazy. I miss him so much as a whole, but I miss the little things I never thought I’d miss like cooking for him, or cleaning while he’s at the gym for him to come back to the place being clean, I miss grocery shopping with him, I miss bumming it out on the couch with our own bags of chips watch Workaholics, I miss wrestling him when he starts tickling me, I miss the how when he’s hug me after putting cologne on that I’d smell like him for the next couple hours, I miss the little passive aggressive fake arguments that we’d have when we were bored, I miss the car rides where we’d sing duets, the late night taco bell runs because somebody *cough* him *cough* wanted tacos. I just miss everything about him.

It’s been a week now…

So he left a little over a week ago… It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. We spent his last week here together and it was absolute bliss, although he had to work that Monday and Tuesday, then had the rest of the week off. What we both noticed that as the week progressed we were bickering less and less. W don’t usually fight, we may have had 3 real fights in the year we’ve been together, but as my  mom likes to call it, we “bicker like a married couple.” We had such a great week that made him leaving so much harder.

I know how much he’s really been trying to be more romantic, this man doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body you can ask his mom. Our last night together he surprised me by trying to recreate our first date which was the sweetest thing in the world!

I had been trying to hold in my tears all week because I didn’t want our last week together to be me crying for 6 days straight and when we got back “home” (well, base) we had gotten ready for bed and we were all cuddled up in the dark and I just…it hit me that tomorrow was the last day we’d be together for 7 months and I tried to keep my tears to myself because I know that it’s 100 times harder for him than it is for me because not only is he leaving me behind, he has no family or anything with him except the friends he’s made in the Navy, at least for me I’m surrounded by family and friends. Not only that, but since he’s been gone for a week he’s worked nonstop since the second he landed, not even having a weekend. Anyway, I was laying there as tears rolled down my face and I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started crying so hard. Knowing my boyfriend her holds in his emotions, he’ll show them but he wont let them out if that makes sense. He just held me while I cried and I had to get up and try to clean myself up because I looked, and felt like a mess and when I did I noticed tears rolling down his face. It was the first time all week that he showed he was upset.

The next morning rolled around and we had been been packing up his stuff and my stuff to put in my car so I can take him to the airport on base and I of course cried all morning. So finally after most of it was packed away I started making trips down to the car with everything. Well after the first trip I was already really hot because, well its Florida and I feel like that reason enough, and so I was sitting on his desk talking to him and I said “I’m going to make another trip” and right before I jumped down he said either “I don’t want to go” or “I don’t want you to go” I’m not quite sure because he kind of said it quietly. He ran across the room to me and wrapped me in his arms. At first I thought he was laugh at first because I could feel his belly bouncing as if he was laughing and I pulled away just enough to see him crying. The only other time he’s cried in front of me without me being crying first to start him crying was when his grandpa passed away. It killed me to see him like this and of course after I realized he was upset I started crying right along with him.

Fast forward to our goodbyes. All I can say was this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. So we pulled into the parking lot and before he even put my car in park I was already crying. He just smiled at me at first. So he gets out and walks to the passenger side where I was and he hugged me and kissed me. This time I really lost it… He was crying and I was just a few short breaths away from sobbing. He then walks me to the drivers seat and just before closing the door for me he’s trying to say something, but he’s so choked up he can’t get it out. I said “what?” and took a deep breath and said “I’m trying to say something I just can’t get it out..” so I sit there, probably looking like a hot mess with a red puffy face with tears running down my cheeks and I don’t think I even did my hair that morning. He took an even bigger breath and said “Just blink. Just blink and I’ll be back,” but as he was saying it his voice broke and I couldn’t hold my tears anymore and I looked at his face as he close my door and I saw the pain while he cried harder for a second just standing there. He walked around to the other side of the car to pick his stuff off the ground and walk inside. I watched him walk away hoping he would stop in his tracks and come back and say he wasn’t going. But that’s not how it works no matter how hard I cried, begged, and prayed. I waited 5 minutes in my car just crying because I was starting to not be able to catch my breath and I had to wait until I could breath again. I pulled out of the parking spot when I felt I could drive and as I was passing the door to the terminal he was standing at the door and he just waved, and of course I started crying…again.

I stayed over my friends apartment that night because I didn’t want to drive an hour home like that (she lives in Jacksonville so it wasn’t a far drive.) Saying goodbye and leaving him there so upset like that was the hardest thing. Luckily I can talk to him everyday, we’ve spoke on the phone twice and facetimed twice in the week he’s been gone. Where he is, hes 6 hours ahead of me so its a small time frame since he goes to sleep around 5 pm my time and then I go to bed around 11 its only 5 am there. Lately I’ve been waking up round 1:30/2 am my time, not purposely, and I get to say good morning. Then he’s been working most of the day my time and only has a small window to talk to him before he goes to bed. The other night he stayed up until 1:30 am his time to face time me. It was so nice to “see” him. I miss him so much, but we’re both busy (he’s busier than me), but once I start actually going back to class on the 26th of this month at night (I’ve been taking my general ed classes online and this is my last one until I start my core classes which is my next class), time is going to fly by. I have this deployment app and we’re already about 4% done which is kinda cool.

I have little things each month to count the time down and it really helps. Like, I go back to school on the 26th of this month, then I’m going on a 3 day cruise to the in October, November is Thanksgiving, December is Christmas, February a movie I’ve been waiting to see is coming out , then hopefully he’ll be home March or April.


Well, Hello There!

So this is my first post, welcome to my blog! If you read my “About” you would see that this is mainly going to be like an open journal, of sorts, to pass time while my boyfriend is deployed for 7-8 months. He’s currently still here and will be here until early September of this year. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to this, but then again who would be? We’ve been together almost a year, which baffles me because of how fast our time together went. I’m hoping the time apart will go even faster.

I’m taking my classes online until I finish my general-ed classes and I only have 2 more to go. I go to Keiser University, their scheduling goes a bit different than most colleges; we have 1 class a month. I take night classes so I can work during the day and for me, it works well for me, but everyone is different with what they can and want to do. So, I’ll be physically back in college in October, which works out great because I can spend most of my free time with Dylan, my boyfriend, before he leaves and helps me save money in gas to spend on making the most of our last weeks together.

For instance, we went to Universal for the weekend in June. He surprised me with 3 day passes for both parks, which absolutely made my life haha! I’ve always wanted to go and was promised by an ex that we’d go and never went and for my schools senior trip used to be universal, but at the last minute got changed so I never got to go in my 19 a. We had the best time! With him, anything and everything is fun, even the simplest things like grocery shopping is fun. I’m dreading him leaving and part of me wants to revert back to a child and wrap my arms and legs around his legs like I used to when my dad used to try to go anywhere without me. I feel so selfish because I know what he’s doing is so important, but the thought of being away from him for 7+ months makes me so sad.

In other news, his mom is coming down from TN for a couple of days before he leaves. I love his mom, shes so great. She sends me little goodies in his care packages like lip gloss, or a cute little picture frame, and when he went to visit her back in May she sent him back with this adorable little notebook for me. I have no idea what I’d use it for, but it’s so cute I keep it on my night stand with the picture frame she got me and I cut out a picture from one of our photo booth pictures, it’s almost the perfect size for it. She’s so sweet and calls me “Sava,” no one ever calls me that, but she does and it’s cute. Now their whole family calls me “Sava.” She even got a hotel in my town so we’re all close together. He’s stationed at NAS Jacksonville, and for those who don’t know what that is it’s a Naval Air Station, and I live about an hour south from the base, but I go to college in Jax. So it’s really sweet she thought to get a hotel where I am. She even tells Dylan that she loves me, *insert happy crying.* I’m so happy his mom likes me.

For now, that’s pretty much it. I’m just looking for ways to make time go faster when he’s gone. I’m going on a 3-day cruise in October, so that’ll be fun. With school at night and work during the day I’m sure it’ll go decently fast, I hope. I am looking to move to Jax around the time he gets back and if he makes E-5, he’ll have 2 chances to take the test while he’s over seas, we might just move in together. He’ll be gone for 7-8 months and then will be back for a year then gone for another 7-8 months then he gets new orders and he wants me to go with him and by the time he gets his new orders it’ll be late December 2018  and I graduate with my bachelors early December 2018. It seems perfect honestly, but with the military everything is subject to change up until the last second, so who even knows what’ll happen.

It’s not goodbye, it’s a see you later!

Sorry It’s Been Awhile!

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I’ve been so busy. I’ve started working out 3-4 times a week with a friend who is going through something similar, her boyfriend isn’t in the military, but he travels a lot for work so we thought it would  help both of us to have something to get our minds off of our loved ones for a little.

Dylan is still here, so I’ve been working out on the week days after work and I spend my weekends with him. He only has 2 more weeks here and I wont see him this weekend because his dad, step mom, and 2 little sisters are coming down for a few days, but I’ll spend his last week with him, so at least I have that.

Any time I start to think about him leaving I get emotional and I know it’s normal for me to be upset, but I didn’t want to break down in front of him because I wanted to be strong for him. This weekend I broke down hard. We were playing around and he was tickling me and it was all fun and games until I started laughing so hard I had tears running down my face and I guess once the dam broke tears just started to flow and I went into a full blown bawl. He was so sweet he just sat down and pulled me into his arms and let me cry. Sometimes, when I cry hard I start to hyperventilate and that happened when I was crying in his arms. He took such good care of me, he took my shirt off so I would cool down and brought me into the bathroom and told me to put cold water on my face and to try to breathe. When I finally caught my breathe I sat on the bathroom counter and he just hugged me and when I looked at him he was giving me puppy dog eyes and I told him to stop looking at me like that and he said “you know your’re going to miss this face” and I started bawling again and he said “oh no, I should have known that was going to happen” and he just held me again. When I looked up at him again his eyes were filled with tears, not crying, but on the brink. I’m so lucky to have someone who’s so good to me. Usually when I start tearing up he usually just laughs and I’ll go to the bathroom and clean myself up, but I’m partially glad this happened because I just needed to cry and be in his arms, it felt good.

This weekend was full of breakthroughs, though. We talked about religion and life, it was such a deep conversation and so refreshing. We talk and have in depth conversations, but this conversation wasn’t really about “us” as a couple it was just about the world around us and changes. He gave me a bible to hold on to while he’s away and it’s a military bible. It’s a regular King James Bible, but in the very back it has prayers and hymes for each branch and some things like that. One prayer caught my eye and I love it; it’s called “Lord’s Prayer for the Military Wife” and it reads:

“Lord, Grant me the greatness of heart to see,

the difference in duty and his love for me.

Give me the understanding to know,

that when duty calls he must go.

Give me a task to do each day,

and Lord, when duty is in the field,

please protect him and be his shield.”

I absolutely love that and I know I’m going to use it. I’m not hiss wife, but it still means the same to me as it would from someone who’s married to someone in the military. I know that bringing God into our relationship will only make us stronger.

I also got contacts yesterday and it feels so weird not having glasses. I’m not really planning to wear them every day, but this week I was told it’s best if I do to make sure I don’t have any issues with them before I purchase them. I’m probably only going to wear them to the gym so I don’t have to worry about my glasses flying off my face when I’m doing something or when I go to amusement parks or things like that I know they can come in handy. So far I’m not really having any problems, except my right side feels like it moves and I have to close my eyes for a second and look around and then it’ll be fine. I’m not sure if that’s normal because I’ve never had contacts before.

I’m not sure how often I’m going to post this week and next week because it’s my last time with him, but I promise when he deploys I’ll post more and it wont just be about our relationship. I might put up recipes or something. I’m not sure, let me know what you want to see/read!


No relationship is perfect and at times it’s going to be hard.

For instance, my boyfriend deploys in September, which is in roughly 5 weeks. Usually we only see each other on weekends since we live an hour away from each other’s, so if you do the math I only have about 12 and a half days physically with him. His mom is coming down from Tennessee for the weekend next weekend (August 5th to the 7th or early the 8th) and even though I want to see her and him I’m going to give him space so he can spend time with her since he won’t see her even longer than he won’t see me so that takes about 2 days away from the last time we have together because I don’t mind, that’s his mom. I completely understand and want him to spend as much time with her as he can. What upsets me is that this weekend he spending it with his friends. Who he see all week. Who he’ll have 7-8 months with. Who he lives right down the hall from. Who he works with every day. Who he eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with. So there goes about 3.5 days and now I’m down to approximately 7 more days physically together. I’m not the type to be upset or mad at my boyfriend spending time with his friends,  but in this case I feel like I’m rightfully upset. Maybe I’m being selfish, but he’s literally deploying with these guys and spends 85% of his day with these guys. 
It doesn’t matter, I’m just the girlfriend. 

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem..?

So, in the beginning of our relationship Dylan and I talked about me getting on birth control, which I was planning to do anyway, but I did want his opinion on it. I was going to get the one that goes in your arm and it lasts 3 or so years, but my doctor didn’t do it so I just went with the pill. After I started taking the pill I became….crazy, for lack of a better word. I’ve never been super clingy or suspicious or need constant attention 24/7, but I started turning into that kind of girlfriend and I had no idea why. I chalked it up to being the last person I was seeing definitely cheated on me and my ex, the one I mentioned last post, I’m fairly certain he wasn’t staying true and that I was worried it was going to happen again. My poor Dylan kept telling me I was crazy and all I could do was say that I’ve never been like this and I had no idea why I was feeling like this. Even a couple fights came from my change in behavior. Well I noticed when I took my pill late I would be even more “crazy,” so I assumed maybe not taking it the same time with the hormones and all would make me moody. Well, this past week there was a problem with my pharmacy that my order never went through several times so I was 2 days late taking it on top of the little sugar pills at the end of the pack and during that 5 days not having the hormones from the pills I felt normal again, I wasn’t questioning everything, I wasn’t worrying, I wasn’t anxious, or anything like that. It was great! So then Tuesday my prescription was finally in and ready for pick up and the next day everything came flooding back; the worry, the questions, the anxiety. I was feeling like he didn’t want me and just thinking up awful scenarios, but when I stepped back and evaluated my feelings from a different standpoint I knew he loved me and that I was overthinking, but I felt awful when it would happen because I didn’t know where this was coming from. I spent my free time looking up if I’m the only one having this issue with the pill form of birth control and apparently I’m not crazy. There are so many stories about their personality completely changing. I’m so glad I only have one more month of taking it since I wont need it while Dylan’s away, I’ve heard it’s not good taking birth control long term anyway. Not only has my personality changed, but I also gained 15 pounds almost over night when I started it. I think while my body has this little break I’m going to do some research on different forms and brands of birth control because I can’t deal with being like this, but I am happy to know that it’s not really me and that I’m not crazy. If any one else had this problem, let me know what you did and if it’s helped or if you’re on other forms feel free to let me know how that’s working for you.

Good Morning!

I’ve been thinking and worrying.

I worry that once he’s gone he’ll realize he doesn’t want/need me. I know how awful that sounds, but I say it because of past experiences. I was seeing someone in the military, ironically the same branch as my boyfriend they even graduated boot together, and when the going got tough he left me when I needed someone the most. Obviously now I’m happy it ended, but it hurt when it happened and that hurt haunts me. My ex left me the second he had the opportunity, which happened to be right after I was assaulted. He blamed me. I think he was cheating on me anyway because he started hanging out with a group of people, which I was happy he had friends because I couldn’t be there, then the group got smaller and smaller until it was 1 girl who he was “taking to the car dealership” after 6/7 at night. He was so controlling and had a bad temper, I had to ask permission to hang out with my friends and when I didn’t answer his texts super fast he’d text me 10 times and call even more times, saying I was going to leave him like his mother left him. Guilted me into staying with him. I’m so glad it ended, I just hate how bad it had to get for it to end.

Dylan NEVER gives me a reason to be suspicious or makes me feel like he doesn’t want me, but because of my ex, I get really worried. I hate that I do it because Dylan is amazing and I’m so happy I have him in my life. I think him and I were fate, it sounds cheesy I know, BUT you tell me if I’m crazy! So, after my ex I swore I would never date anyone in the military and I sure as hell wouldn’t date someone in the Navy, but look where I am now haha. So, when my ex and I first started seeing each other he was getting ready to go into boot camp in August of 2014. He’d be there for 8 weeks and would graduate October 10th, 2014. I drove up to Great Lakes, IL for my ex’s boot camp graduation with his parents. Fast forwards exactly 1 year, my boyfriend and I met for the first time on October 10th, 2015. Not only did Dylan graduate the same day my ex did, but there were in the same division (I’m pretty sure it was division 819, I could be wrong it’s been so long). I can’t help but wonder if in the chaos after the announcer called liberty if Dylan and I bumped into each other and after Dylan and I talked about it we think his family  and I sat right around the same area. I have a picture of the whole division that I kept on facebook just because I forgot to delete it and out of pure hope I wondered if I still kept it somewhere so I could show my honeybun. It’s crazy to think exactly 1 year before we would really meet that we were in the same place at the same time in a completely different state. It’s crazy how things happen. Who knew that day of his graduation when he had a girlfriend who traveled with his family and me with my boyfriend at the times family that we’d eventually meet in Florida exactly 1 year later. I don’t know about you, but I believe in fate.

I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s the best thing that’s came into my life and he’s brought so much joy to my life. He can be the biggest grouch with only child syndrome where he wont share his snicksnacks with me sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s the biggest pain in my ass and sometimes I swear the man does not have a single romantic bone in his body he does something to absolutely surprise me and melt my heart. Like surprising me with buying my Universal ticket and not only buying it but buying the 3 day park to park passes because he knew how badly I wanted to see all of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then buying me a wand, because I’m a dork and really wanted one. Or the time that I left class early to drop him off at the airport so he could go home for his birthday, then leave class early again to pick him up from the airport and he surprised me with roses so when I walked into the airport he was standing there with his bad in one hand and my roses in the other with the biggest grin on his face. Or when he got me a gorgeous anchor necklace that I never take off and when I opened it he said “because it means so much to me, it’ll mean something to you too” and he also got me a bottle of Vera Wang Princess and he said “before you open it imagine it says ‘for my princess,’ I didn’t have a tag or a pen.” Or the time he drove an hour to bring me snacks because I was on my period and had the worst cramps. The most recent was (hes not a dancer, at all) I hear him playing music in the other room while I was in the shower and right as I turned the shower off I hear “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis and pulled me into a slow dance, that lasted about a minute before he started being silly, but I wouldn’t trade these little moments for the world because for a period of time I’m not going to have these things. Obviously, it’s not about material things and I love him for all that he is and who I’ve seen become in a little under a year, but boy, does he come out with some cute things that make me melt.  He even lets me take a ridiculous amount of pictures of him/us.

This post is way longer than I meant it to be, oops.